Hand painted

Turn the kitchen you like...

old kitchen

Into the kitchen you'll LOVE...

new kitchen

Have the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of, by having your existing kitchen hand-painted. Choose from a wide range of contemporary and historic colours.

All work is professionally carried out to the highest standard with great attention to detail. There is no spraying involved avoiding that ‘production line’ factory finish.

All work is hand-painted ensuring
good coverage which means a longer lasting, highly durable finish. Most kitchens would need 4 coats of paint -2 coats of a good quality wood primer followed by 2 coats of an acrylic satinwood. A painted finish will also make your kitchen feel bigger, brighter and brand new.

Free colour consultancy and free estimates are available with no hidden costs. Breathe new life into your kitchen and furniture with a hand-painted finish.


- Save Money

To hand-paint your kitchen you would be saving what could be thousands of euro if you were to have a kitchen designed and installed.

- Stress free

Once you have chosen the colour the work is carried out quickly and efficiently, with as little impact to your home-life and routine as possible.

- A brand new kitchen

Clients have often said "Its like having a brand new kitchen". It totally transforms and makes the kitchen feel bigger and brighter.

- Why paint and not renew ?

Many older kitchens are often very well made and have lasted 15 to 20 years without needing to be replaced. They just need to be REJUVINATED.

- Easy to keep clean

The Satinwood finish that is used is highly durable and easy to keep clean with a simple wipe.

- Easy to attain

You can call, text or email on the contact details below to arrange a free consultation. Call and take one step closer to having your kitchen transformed.

Tel : 087 290 0736

Email : info@stuartmontgomery.com





Cloud Ceiling

mural cloud

This mural was created for the ceiling of a baby room. It creates a lovely illusion of space and is the perfect backdrop for hanging accessories like mobiles and toy planes.
This mural is also great value for money as it will not date as the child grows.

Funky Frame

mad hatter

It is always a challenge designing a mural for a teenager.
Trying to get the right balance of something that’s cool and funky and not too kiddie. This mural, in a teenagers bedroom, works because it brings colour and movement to a wall and a room that otherwise could be dull. This piece also means you can accessorise the room with
any colour scheme you wish.
In the middle of the piece is a glass frame into which a poster can be placed and changed at any time.

teenagers bedroom

With most murals I would produce a concept sketch so that the client can get an idea of what the finished piece will turn
out like. This is the sketch produced for the ‘ Funky Frame’ piece.

Foroige Mural

Foroige 1

Foroige 2

This was a project undertaken with the Blanchardstown Youth Project and was a real pleasure to do. It is a 30m long, 2m high mural expressing inter-culturalism.
I designed and painted it with the help of 80 young people who were on the project as part of their Summer programme.

Giraffe Childcare

Wall Mural

Most recently i have been back working with Giraffe Childcare refreshing their facilities with blast of colour. These creches can be found all over Leinster.





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