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How do I commission a mural?

It is a very simple process to get your very own original hand painted mural.
After your initial contact with me either by phone or email I would visit the location, take measurements and discuss ideas and budgets.
Following this I would work up a rough design that would encapsulate the ideas formed from the initial meeting. At this time I would be able to submit a quote.
If you decide to go ahead with the proposed design all that would need to be discussed is a start date.

I have a wall that is 8ft high by 7ft wide how much would it cost to have a mural produced?

It is very difficult to quote on jobs just by dimensions. The amount of work involved in producing a mural varies greatly from one design to another. Only once a design has been produced can a quote be submitted.

Email Stuart for an appointment or contact stuart by phone on +353 87 2900736

Are the paints safe?

Yes. Most interior murals are produced using water based acrylic emulsions- very similar to what you would have used to paint on the wall initially. Products may vary depending on where the mural is situated e.g. swimming pools, hospitals and exterior murals.

Are the murals protected?

Yes.All paintings are coated with a water based protective glaze. Clients can choose either gloss, satin or matt finishes. All protective finishes are wipe-able and washable.

Can you decorate the room as well as produce the mural?

Yes. Rather than getting in a painter and decorator – I would be able to give you an all-inclusive price for decorating and producing the mural. This means I am able to assist with colour consultancy so that the mural works in perfect harmony with its surroundings.

I would love to have a mural in my child’s room but I just don’t know what to get, can you help?

Yes I can. As well as having many images on the web site to choose or gain inspiration from on the initial meeting I would bring along my own portfolio. This contains paintings and images from over 20 years of producing murals and through discussion we would be able to come up with a concept that would fulfil your hopes and your child’s dreams.

You can also check out my portfolio
We may be moving in a few years can I have the mural produced on MDF or a canvas ?

Yes you can. After the initial meeting any design can be produced off site in my studio on either canvas or MDF board. During production the canvas can be photographed and images emailed for discussion. The finished piece would then be transported to its location. 

What can you paint?

As regards style of painting anything can be produced from Pre-Raphaelite to Post-Modernist from Hanna-Barberra to Disney. Size and scale is no problem at all as well as all locations.
Most kitchens as well as most pieces of wooden furniture can also be painted and have either an effect or design produced on them.






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